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By the Seaside

Blossom Watching

We have a wonderful clifftop parade in Southend on Sea, and at this time of year we can all enjoy the Japanese pastime of Hanami or Blossom Watching. For us the cherry trees in blossom are a candyfloss promise of sunny days to come. The eastern interpretation is somewhat deeper: in Japanese these pink clouds

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Blue Moon

Tonight’s full moon is a genuine Blue Moon: the third full moon in a season of four, and now is the perfect time to start any detox that you might be contemplating. Our beautiful moon exerts 1.5 billion horse power of magnetic pull on the water of our earth daily, such a huge effect that

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Days like these

I finished my yoga class in a state of springtime bliss today then wandered down to the seafront and sat on the verandah of a candy pink beach hut, the faint trace of its new coat of paint mingling with the ozone and salts on the sea breeze. The air had a warmth to it

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Spring is in the air

Strolling along the clifftop this morning, the birds are singing, the crocuses are out and the first blossoms have popped . . . Spring is here, hurrah. This time of the year always fills me with a sense of absolute wellbeing, a feeling of rebirth and renewal, and while I wouldn’t go so far as

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There was a stillness to the water today that I’ve rarely seen. The afternoon sun turned it to liquid gold. It was mesmerising. “To a mind that’s still the whole universe surrenders” LAO-TZU

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Sea Breathing

One of the easiest ways to relax into meditation is to follow your breath. While I was walking along the seafront today I noticed how my own breath was flowing in and out with the rhythm of the waves. Why not try this simple visualisation to slow your own breath down and to drop you

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