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Top Ten Festival Essentials

Top Ten Festival Essentials. Well folks, it’s Glastonbury this weekend and amazingly, the weather looks like it might hold! And if you are new to the festival scene, there’s only one thing to know before you go. . .In the land of the great unwashed, the man with the Wet Wipes is king! Here is

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Full Moon Meditation

Its only over the last century or so that we have stopped noticing what the moon is up to. . . Before farming became so chemically controlled, we depended on knowing the phases of the moon so that we could get the highest yield from our crops. If you have a vegetable patch or an

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March Madness

Normally we have a few grey weeks between the joyous razzmatazz of Venice Carnevale and the first warm day of our English spring. But with Easter being so late this year, Venice has only just finished celebrating its two weeks of feasting before the start of Lent fasting, and our spring is already here, huzzah!

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We have another Chocolate Buddha candle winner. This time its a Persian Rose and Frankincense candle, the scents of which were blended to transport you to a summer place, in another time . . . Perhaps to daydream on a verandah with the magical scents of rambling rose and wood resin mingling in the warmth

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Happy New Year everyone

What a fantastic start to 2013. . . New Year’s Day eating bacon butties with friends in the sunshine on the beach.

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Great Expectations

Well it’ll be no surprise to my nearest and dearest that they will enjoy a Chocolate Buddha candle as part of their Christmas gift, and I decided to wrap them with a Great Expectations theme, complete with fake cobwebs and sugar mice. Although in retrospect, I could have saved money on the shop-bought cobwebs, as

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