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Feeling Fab

Top Ten Festival Essentials

Top Ten Festival Essentials. Well folks, it’s Glastonbury this weekend and amazingly, the weather looks like it might hold! And if you are new to the festival scene, there’s only one thing to know before you go. . .In the land of the great unwashed, the man with the Wet Wipes is king! Here is

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Reverse Stress-Related Disease

Yoga And Meditation Reverse Stress-Related Disease   Anyone who practices yoga and meditation knows that they do more than just help you feel relaxed in the moment. But now, a new scientific review suggests that these and other mindfulness exercises can actually reverse stress-related disease and changes in genes linked to poor health of our

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Vegan Treats

How to make your fabulous raw vegan treats. Double Caramel ‘Magnums’. (makes 6). Ice cream: 3/4 cup cashews, soaked for minimum 4 hours 3/4 cup coconut cream 1/4 cup agave or maple syrup 1/4 cup water pinch of vanilla powder (a dash of nut milk) Caramel: 1–2 tbsp coconut oil 8 medjool dates – pitted

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Healthy Liver Top 10

Healthy Liver Top 10 Here are our top ten foods for a healthy liver, and how they work. Think of your liver like your own personal filtering system: Suck in the bad and spit out the good. “The liver has many important functions that keeps a person healthy. It removes harmful material from the bloodstream

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Quick Guide to Healthy Fats

Do You Have a Full-Fat Phobia? For decades fat has been unfairly demonised. We have been told to avoid foods high in fat, both for our health and our weight. Bad advice. Most whole, unprocessed foods with natural fats are incredibly good for you. Because of the “war on fat,” people have unnecessarily avoided some

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Boost your Vitamin D Naturally

The perfect and natural way to boost Vitamin D, Zinc and your feel-good factors too. These days we can fear the sunshine too much, covering our skin before it receives the benefits that a little exposure to the sun will bring. Sunshine aids the absorption of Zinc by your body. Zinc is needed by your

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