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Athleisure Wear For Yoga

Your Guide to 2016’s Hottest Trend It’s time to dress to impress for your workout, because casual is the new couture. Fashion is always chopping and changing, and sometimes it can feel as if the latest trends aren’t really suitable for everyday life. If there’s one trend that everyone can get on board with though,

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Men Too

Did we tell you that at Chocolate Buddha we are designing yoga clothing for men too?

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We’ve found some sumptuous silks that we are hoping to work into our Chocolate Buddha clothing designs. the colours are mouth-wateringly beautiful.

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We have another Chocolate Buddha candle winner. This time its a Persian Rose and Frankincense candle, the scents of which were blended to transport you to a summer place, in another time . . . Perhaps to daydream on a verandah with the magical scents of rambling rose and wood resin mingling in the warmth

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Indian Summer

We named our first Chocolate Buddha clothing collection Indian Summer because of the warmth and richness in the colouring of the stripes that we have designed as a contrast fabric, and because we thought we would be launching in mid October, when we usually get some late summer sun. Today It’s almost December, and despite

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Little chicks

Like mother hens clucking over our fledgling chicks, we are sending the first of our beautiful candles out into the world on their own. Our Persian Rose and Frankincense candle is hand poured into the palest pink glass decorated with gold script, and is presented in a hand made pearlised pink box. Our health is

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