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Boost your Vitamin D Naturally

The perfect and natural way to boost Vitamin D, Zinc and your feel-good factors too. These days we can fear the sunshine too much, covering our skin before it receives the benefits that a little exposure to the sun will bring. Sunshine aids the absorption of Zinc by your body. Zinc is needed by your

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Turmeric and Health

Turmeric. . .Nature’s Gold The incredible benefits of taking it:   Taking supplements can feel like a bind can’t it? But there’s one that is so beneficial to the human body and mind that it’s well worth the effort. The supplement is Tumeric and it’s active ingredient is called curcumin. The following are just a very

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Yoga Spring Cleans Your Liver

Spring is the perfect time to spring clean your liver with yoga and your morning smoothie. Spring means the end of winter, a promise of summer and being outdoors. It is a celebration of bright yellow daffodils, crocuses emerging from the earth, going for walks, buds and blossoms on the trees, and people smiling. Plant

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Ease Back Pain with Yoga

It’s so good to see that medical evidence is finally supporting what the ancients have told us for millennia. . .if you want to ease back pain, do some yoga. When I discovered yoga over 20 years ago, I was suffering terribly from 3 bulging discs and Rheumatoid Arthritis, and visiting my osteopath for these

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Is Athbusinesswear The Latest Fitness Fashion Trend?

Gym Wear That Works in the Office Athbusinesswear looks set to be the hottest trend of 2017 – so here’s why you should give it a go. Juggling work and a fitness regime can be, let’s say, challenging. Trying to wrestle back into your pencil skirt and stiletto heels after a quick yoga session in

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Athleisurewear and Enclothed Cognition

Does What You Wear Really Influence Your Mood? Why should you wear great workout clothes? The answer seems simple, right? To make working out more comfortable! Well, while that is undoubtedly true, there’s another reason why you should ditch your sorry looking tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt that’s seen better days. In this blog we’re

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