This month is PTSD Awareness Month

using tapping to reduce stress

using tapping to reduce stress

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD as it is known, affects millions of us all over the globe.

It’s also important to know that there is no such thing as “good stress”. When pressure becomes stress, it is crippling for the mind and body. When we are under pressure we can cope while it is intermittent. However, when we live under sustained pressure it can cause anxiety. If we then live in a sustained state of anxiety, it becomes stress.
Intermittent pressure can be good. Sustained pressure leading from anxiety to stress, is always bad. So whether your stress has been caused by trauma, or is more self-inflicted, it needs to be dealt with.

But now we have a simple way of helping combat the debilitating effects of stress, and it’s known as ‘tapping’.

This is how it works:.
When we have an emotion (anxiety, fear, joy, excitement etc) we release particular neuro-chemicals from our brain that then follow very specific energy pathways through our body. Every emotion has it’s own chemicals and pathways.

Dr Roger Callahan is a psychologist and the discoverer of these mappable pathways. His therapy, T.F.T (Thought Field Therapy), taps into these pathways to interrupt the flow of our neuro-chemicals and divorce the emotion from the outcome. So if we start to feel the emotion, we can tap on certain points, interrupts the flow and neutralises the feeling. (In Europe it is known more as EFT, emotional freedom technique, but it works in the same principals).

We have shared this tapping routine on our YouTube channel in two videos:

This 4-minute video includes an explanation of the tapping routine and it’s tapping points.

This 2-minute video is purely the tapping routine so that you can follow it in real-time if you are having a wobble.

The key to success is being in the feeling/emotion while you are tapping. Without the emotion being present, you will not be producing the neuro-chemicals, and so you wont have anything to tap away.

Dr Roger Callahan’s book Tapping The Healer Within, is a fantastic read and includes powerful tapping routines for all of our negative emotions.