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Reverse Stress-Related Disease

Yoga And Meditation Reverse Stress-Related Disease   Anyone who practices yoga and meditation knows that they do more than just help you feel relaxed in the moment. But now, a new scientific review suggests that these and other mindfulness exercises can actually reverse stress-related disease and changes in genes linked to poor health of our

Boost your Vitamin D Naturally

The perfect and natural way to boost Vitamin D, Zinc and your feel-good factors too. These days we can fear the sunshine too much, covering our skin before it receives the benefits that a little exposure to the sun will bring. Sunshine aids the absorption of Zinc by your body. Zinc is needed by your

Yoga Spring Cleans Your Liver

Spring is the perfect time to spring clean your liver with yoga and your morning smoothie. Spring means the end of winter, a promise of summer and being outdoors. It is a celebration of bright yellow daffodils, crocuses emerging from the earth, going for walks, buds and blossoms on the trees, and people smiling. Plant

A Butterfly

A butterfly joined us for yoga relaxation today. . . He fluttered into the room as we relaxed back onto our mats and stayed for the full fifteen minutes, flitting from yogi to yogi, and only leaving when the last Aum had faded to silence. And it’s not the first time that our binaural relaxation

Days like these

I finished my yoga class in a state of springtime bliss today then wandered down to the seafront and sat on the verandah of a candy pink beach hut, the faint trace of its new coat of paint mingling with the ozone and salts on the sea breeze. The air had a warmth to it

Chocolate Buddha is nearly here

Well lovely yogis, your Chocolate Buddha clothing is now just a season away. As many of you know, our mission was to bring you a range of exercise and post-class clothing that was so flattering and beautiful to wear that you’d want to keep it on all day. Our search for the perfect cloth took